Prelite Shifts to Onsite Previz Services Only

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• Created: November 29, 2009

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NEW YORK — With performances from rock ‘n’ roll’s royalty, the recent 25th Anniversary event for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a pivotal event. But according to LD Kevin Lawson, it also had the makings of being an “onsite scheduling nightmare.” Several of the acts, including  U2, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon, played on a turntable stage in a festival environment, with a wall that was unique on each side. Trying to have the physical version turn during rehearsals with everything else going around it would have been difficult.

Lawson used a Prelite OnSite previz session to keep the challenges to a minimum. “We were very happy to have the time with the system” in advance of the show, he said.

Prelite got its start in 2000 by offering lighting designers, producers and technical directors a comfortable studio where they could previz their shows. Since then, the emphasis has shifted from studio work to on-site previz sessions.

In 2003, Prelite responded to that change with the development of Prelite OnSite. This year, the company took a step further and announced that it would offer onsite previz services only.

A factor in that decision is the growing use of previz services by others beyond the lighting department for planning live productions. As more departments involved in production planning make use of previz tools, it became less practical to have large groups of people travel to a studio.

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