RDM Plugfest Back by Popular Demand

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• Created: June 8, 2009

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WESTLAKE, TX — ESTA said that its RDM Plugfest held in January was successful enough to be repeated in July. The informal event, dominated by technicians and engineers and not by buyers and sellers of gear, will take place in this Dallas-Fort Worth suburb and run for three days from July 17-19. The event will provide an opportunity for manufacturers’ engineers to see if their products will work with the products of numerous manufacturers, find out on the spot what is wrong, fix it, and try again.

With all the members of the RDM Task Group who wrote the standard at the event, it also provides the single best resource to get questions answered on implementation questions and learn from everyone’s shared experience and knowledge.

For more information and to register, contact Scott Blair at  sblair at rdmprotocol.org. ESTA said registration is important so that the logistics of the equipment delivery, setup, and removal can be organized. There is no charge for participation and the event is open to everyone. Hotel sleeping rooms can be reserved through ESTA at https://www.esta.org/news/hotelreservations.php.

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