Starlite Makes Multifunctional Conference Room Easy to Use

PLSN Staff • News • March 25, 2009

CHERRY HILL, NJ — Starlite Productions, a production and integration company, helped accounting firm Bowman & Co. LLP transform a conference and training room into a simple yet multi-purpose facility. "We wanted to use new technology since we expanded the room to make it more user-friendly," said Robert E. Biddle, Bowman & Co.’s president. To meet Biddle's request, Starlite incorporated new equipment in a design that, while not complex to use, still allowed for flexibility of multiple room configurations. Starlite used two Da-Lite Advantage® Electrol® 100-foot recessed electric screens, which sit on either side of the 1,500-square-foot room, to accommodate presentations using a conventional seating arrangement.

The screens receive information from two Eiki LC-XG400 projectors mounted with Draper Phantom Model B motorized ceiling recessed supports, allowing them to remain hidden when not in use.

For larger presentations with alternate room configurations, four Sharp LCD displays rest on swivel mounts with adjustable arms so they can be seen from all seats in the house.

A SMART sympodium with an interactive pen display also allows presenters to add or change notes during a presentation and also helps ease integration with outboard devices like laptops. Ovehead, 16 Tannoy CVS6 ceiling speakers provide sound from all sources while remaining discreet.

A key focal point is the Crestron® TPS-6X 6-inch wireless touch panel controller, which manages all of the facility's screens, projectors, computers and inputs. This controller, with graphics display and a simple interface, simplifies the task of making a presentation. By communicating with a hidden rack unit that houses the "brains" of the design — the processors and computers for each component— the user has control of each aspect of the presentation through the Crestron's touch panel. This centralized and wireless device eliminates the need for additional remotes, cable clutter and setup time.

Starlite Productions created the design from scratch based on the firm's needs and budget, with the goal of taking something technically difficult and simplifying it. They made each feature accessible and customizable for novices and techies alike.

"We are super-pleased and glad to recommend Starlite to any of their clients," Biddle said of the room, which has been used on numerous occasions since the project was completed late last year. "They did a great job."

For more information, please visit www.starlite.com.

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