“Tinc Tuesdays” Set to Start in January

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• Created: December 4, 2009

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NEW YORK  — Continuing education in the live-event industry is typically expensive and is held at distant or inconvenient locations.  Tinc Design & Productions aims to change that with the launch of Tinc Tuesdays.

Tinc Tuesdays are a monthly series of networking and education opportunities, which begins in January 2010.  The seminars will be held in a variety of venues throughout Manhattan, depending on that month’s theme.


“Tinc was founded by freelancers.  We know what it’s like to be a freelancer in this market,” said Melissa Johnston, founder and coordinator of Tinc Tuesdays.  “We remember how difficult it was to find new companies to work for or learn about new gear, trends or technology.  Our goal is to change that dynamic, which will ultimately benefit both employers and freelancers.” 

With the slogan “Network Educate Grow,” Tinc Tuesday’s goals are simple: provide a forum to explore issues facing New York’s freelance community, create a more competitive workforce, educate freelancers regarding trends or technology affecting the New York market and provide networking opportunities for employers and freelancers.

“Ultimately, this huge talent pool cannot be ignored or treated as a disposable commodity,” says Ryan Kirk, Tinc’s Production Manager.  “I think Tinc Tuesdays will be a good first step toward making the freelance lifestyle a viable, sustainable path.  When that happens both employers and freelancers win.” 

For more information, please visit www.tincproductions.com.  

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