Vectorworks Makes the Movies with Role in “Duplicity”

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• Created: April 28, 2009

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COLUMBIA, MD — In terms of product placement, it may not have been as much of a coup as Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces beating out M&M Mars for a spot in ET. But Nemetschek N.A.’s Vectorworks CAD software is playing a role in the recent release of the movie, Duplicity. About a year ago, “a representative from a product placement company contacted our company,” said Jessie Newburn, at Nemetschek N.A. “The set designer of the corporate espionage film, Duplicity, specifically requested to use Vectorworks.”

The software was used on the movie’s computer screens, many of which showed various building structures, interiors, and blueprint layouts, and Vectorworks product boxes were placed in one of the set designs. “It’s not a big enough product placement to warrant film credits,” said Newburn, “but it certainly was something a little out of the ordinary and fun for us to do.”
Just recently, Nemetschek North America has been contacted by a Japanese TV show based in the U.K. with another product placement request. “If this keeps up any longer,” said Newburn, “I might have to get myself a new gown and prepare for my 15 minutes of fame on the red carpet.”
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