Wybron Releases Gobo Library for iPhone

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• Created: April 15, 2009

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Wybron Gobo Library

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — A new iPhone application from Wybron gives users a way to put more than 1,500 gobos into their pockets. The Moiré Gobo Library lets users browse, search, and experiment with A-size gobos from GAM and Lee, with more to come. Users can adjust the focus of the gobo to simulate a blur effect, spin the gobo at different speeds and in different directions, and use the “TwinSpin” feature to overlap and spin any two gobos at variable speeds and in any direction.

The Moiré Gobo Library, which also works on the iPod touch, lets the user:

  • View gobos on a white or black background, simulating the look of the gobo itself or the image it produces on a dark stage
  • Search gobos by name and number
  • Sort gobos by name and number in ascending and descending order
  • Maintain a list of 12 most recently viewed gobos
  • Send comments directly to the developer with a feedback button

The idea for the Moiré Gobo Library came, in part, from the suggestions of customers using Wybron’s Gel Swatch Library, which features nearly 1,000 gel colors.

“With our new app, you don’t have to buy dozens of different gobos and load them into a fixture to see how they’ll look,” said Scott Longberry, Wybron engineer and developer of the application. “Just turn on your iPhone or iPod touch, and you can play with hundreds of different gobos to see what happens if you overlap them, blur them, spin them – or whatever effect you want.”

The app is designed for those working in a variety of lighting venues, including nightclubs, concerts, theatres, churches, cruise ships, and more, Longberry said.

The Moiré Gobo Library is offered at $9.99 and is available by visiting Apple’s App Store through the icon on the iPhone or iPod touch, or through iTunes.

For more information, please visit www.wybron.com.

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