Wybron Updates Infogate Feedback Software

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• Created: April 17, 2009

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—Wybron has released an updated version of Infogate software. Version 2.2 of Wybron’s Infogate, which uses RDM, includes a simplified layout for the Device Parameter Spreadsheet, the ability to maintain the Device Parameter Spreadsheet layout when closed, a new ESTA status message to report lamp and cable failure and new RDM throttle to allow users to reduce the number of RDM data packets transmitted along the DMX cable. Infogate 2.2 comes with a licensing fee, and to operate the software, the user must purchase a special USB dongle from Wybron, according to Lee Schlais, vice president of engineering.

“What’s great about Infogate is that it can be used so many different ways,” Schlais said. “An Infogate system will let you monitor each venue locally, but if you have a need for remote monitoring, we have a server system that will allow you to see that data from anywhere in the world.”

Infogate powers Wybron’s Infotrace Control and Management System. With Infogate, users can proactively check the condition of equipment, receive error messages and alerts when something goes wrong, assign DMX addresses from the ground, and monitor a rig remotely.

Infogate Version 2.2 can be downloaded from the Wybron Web site, and it’s also available on a CD.

For more information, visit www.wybron.com.

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