Cooper Controls Realigns LightProcessor, Cogent Brands

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• Created: September 16, 2009

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LONDON — Cooper Controls announced a strategic shift for its LightProcessor (lighting control) and Cogent (LED) brands, which had established their own separate brand identities before they were acquired. Peter Coles, sales manager, said Cooper Controls would be realigning the brands with other brands in the company’s portfolio to specifically target end-users such as restaurants, bars and retail locations seeking cost-competitive LED refits featuring dimming and scene control.

Toward that end, Cooper Controls said it would work with its authorized dealer and distribution partners with special pricing to help them promote the use of LED lighting solutions where they may not previously have been considered.

Along with LightProcessor and Cogent, which are positioned for smaller, simpler applications, Cooper Controls’ brand portfolio includes iLight, for larger architectural applications, and Zero88, targeted at entertainment and education applications.

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