COP 15 Climate Change Conference to be Lit with GLP Impressions

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• Created: October 8, 2009

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COPENHAGEN —COP 15, also known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference, will draw representatives from 192 nations in December to discuss a global climate agreement. Seelite A/S and AEG Rent expect to be providing close to 1,000 GLP Impression fixtures for the 12-day event. “Choosing the right lighting fixture was a vital task for this event,” said Jonas Eisenhardt, CEO of Seelite, noting the importance of lighting that lives up to the goals of the conference itself, and which meets guidelines set forth by the hosts, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark. “Driving efficiency by example for the whole world to see was paramount.”

Glenn Roggeman, CEO of Belgium-based AED Rent, agreed. “I jumped at the chance to work with Seelite on COP 15, as it is a matter close to my own heart,” Roggeman said. “If we can all do our own little bit for the future generations, then the world will quickly change to be a much better place.”

Having recently completed the construction of a new 20,000 square-meter facility for his headquarters in Belgium, Roggeman was fully aware of impacting the environment. “Our new facility has been designed to be as carbon neutral as possible and features the latest building techniques including LED lighting, heat exchangers, solar panels and the latest insulation products available,” Roggeman said.

“It is great to have Seelite and AED Rent working together on this monumental event that could change all of our tomorrows,” said Kasper Gissel, GLP’s business director. “This is the kind of partnership that we strive for at GLP, and I can’t begin to say how proud everyone at GLP is to have been chosen to illuminate this event.”

“We are tremendously proud that the Impression has been chosen as the sole lighting fixture,” added Mark Ravenhill, GLP’s director of key global players.

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