Futuroscope’s “Blue Note Mystery” Controlled by Medialon

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• Created: October 15, 2009

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POITIERS, France — The Blue Note Mystery, a show created by Yves Pépin and produced by ECA2 for the Futuroscope theme park, relied on E/T/C and Medialon to help transport spectators into a dreamscape of sound and music. Every evening, in front of a 5,000-seat open-air amphitheatre at Futuroscope’s lake, Mike, a DJ, and DJFX, an anime styled character, sweep visitors along with them as they enter a world of sound waves and music on their quest for the Blue Note — the mythical sound musicians dream of finding.

The 25-minute show, which takes place on a 7,000-square-meter aquatic stage, includes an array pyrotechnic effects, water effects, lasers, shrouds of mist, twinkling lights, flames and more. Large images are projected onto two 25-meter and one 35-meter high water screens to sustain the visual narrative.

One Medialon Manager PRO and one Medialon Manager LITE Show and Media Control Software control the whole show. Four show control universes have been created on Medialon Manager: one for the water illuminations, one for the water-jets, one for the pyrotechnic and flames and a fourth for the general show lighting.

Medialon Manager controls and synchronizes the following devices:

  • 3 cinema projectors (35mm 7Kw)
  • 5 doubles rotating PIGI (5Kw)
  • 1 giant LED screen (28m²)
  • 3 color lasers (10-12 watts)
  • 2 25 m water screens
  • 1 35 m water screen
  • 70 monumental fountain jets (45m high)
  • Water effects: 300m line of mist
  • Water effects: 7 geysers (8m span)
  • Special effects
  • 300 pyrotechnic effects fired
  • 16 flame projectors (8m high)
  • 2 flame projectors (17m high)
  • 1,500x light reeds

“Using a Medialon system has been a natural choice for Futuroscope theme park. They already had Medialon systems running for some of their attractions, and integrating a Medialon system on The Blue Note Mystery show was obvious,” said Nicolas Paineau, E/T/C head programmer. “Indeed, the use of Medialon Manager offers lots of flexibility and real-time testing which are ideal for this type of show.”

E/T/C has also designed remote control user interfaces with Medialon Manager PANEL software to allow Futuroscope’s technicians to easily control the show, check all the A/V devices and make show updates as needed.

This is the third time Futuroscope has asked ECA2 and Yves Pépin to create and produce an evening show for the theme park. Over 50 people, ECA2 collaborators and partners, contributed to this new production over a 13-month period.

For further information, please visit www.futuroscope.com, www.eca2.com , www.etclondonparis.com and www.medialon.com.

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