Gear List at Eurovision Included 17 Robert Juliat Spots

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• Created: June 17, 2009

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MOSCOW — There was no shortage of spotlight-worthy performers at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, and no fewer than 17 Robert Juliat followspots used to keep them in the limelight. “The show involved 42 acts so I used a fair number of followspots because it gives me a very precise way of lighting,” said Al Gurdon of Incandescent Design, the LD for the event, who added that the 17 instruments were anything but overkill.

“Any misgivings I may have had about the quantity of spots I needed were dispelled during the rehearsals,” he noted. “We had to cover aerialists, main acts, backing singers and presenters, whilst still creating the correct angles for camera positions. By the time we had finished we were using the Robert Juliats in back, front, side and truss positions and even in the audience seating areas.”

Gurdon used four RJ Ivanhoe 2500W HMIs, five RJ Korrigan 1200W HMIs as truss spots and a total of eight RJ Lancelot 4K HTI spots in front of house positions.

“The front of house throw distances were significant, so I needed a powerful 4K followspot which was capable of long distance, conventional performance to be the principle spots for the singers,” Gurdon said. “I like Robert Juliat followspots very much and have used them in all kinds of different shows.”

The Robert Juliat Lancelot, Ivanhoe and Korrigan units were supplied for Eurovision by Procon Event Engineering GmbH. Ola Melzig, senior production manager of M&M Production Management in Sweden, was Procon’s production manager for the event.

“I recommended the use of Robert Juliat followspots on this production for several reasons,” Melzig said. “They are high quality spotlights that are very reliable and with fantastic optics. They have a wide range that fulfilled all the needs we had – so we really had no reason to use something else.

“I’ve been a big fan of Robert Juliat products for many years which is something that I share with Procon. This is actually the sixth time I have used RJ followspots on the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Followspot operator Simon Anderson was positioned on one of the front of house Lancelot followspots, which he was using for the first time.

“I spent three weeks running the center front spots and found these units to be very operable as all the spot’s functions were comfortably within reach of the handle bar,” Anderson said. “The lack of need to align the bulb was a blessing and the easy access to the lens tube also very sensible. Also impressive was the integral balance counterweight, which is a better idea than hanging weights on the front or back.

“I didn't personally need a bulb change on my lamp, but the fact that we had these lights on for 12 hours a day for nearly three weeks with no issues whatsoever gave me total confidence in them. All in all the units seemed to be well thought out, intuitive and very reliable.”

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