Goboland UK Debuts at ABTT Show

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• Created: June 8, 2009

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LONDON — Goboland UK, a newly-formed company that reunites Wyatt Enever and Vicky Fairall, was launched at the ABTT show.  Enever, founding member and former managing director of DHA Lighting, is a longtime gobo developer. Fairall, former graphics manager and CSM for DHA Lighting, also worked as Head of UK Operations at Goboland’s head office in Belgium. “We felt very strongly that there was a need for a UK-based custom gobo service,” said Fairall, now Goboland UK director. “With the arrival of Goboland UK, we can offer this service on a friendly, local basis with the benefit of our accounts now being held in the U.K.”

Enever, also Goboland U.K. director, said, “We are very excited about having a direct influence on the U.K. market and for the opportunity to reinstate the kind of service that we are proud of. Vicky and myself have been at the forefront of the gobo industry for many years and are very passionate about our work.”

For more information, please visit www.goboland.com.

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