Milos to Feature MT2 Towers, QuickTruss at PLASA 2009

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• Created: September 3, 2009

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LONDON — One of the advantages for trussing manufacturers is that they don’t have to turn to other companies for help in creating the infrastructure for their trade show booths. At PLASA, for example, Milos Structural Systems’ island display will be constructed with the company’s own MT2 Towers and QuickTruss products. The booth, 1-G50, will also feature information on the company’s other trussing, roofing and staging products, including their newest products making their debut at PLASA 09. These include the CB modular/foldable crowd barrier system, which can be made into numerous configurations using standard modules.

Milos will also unveil its xStage modular staging system, the S8. It features a new profile available with plug-in legs and scaffolding.  Also on display will be the S4. It features floor height adjustability and a new connection system based on scaffolding principles. The company will also feature the S2 and S3 systems in the xStage product line.

Also premiering at PLASA is the Cell 500 series of aluminum clamps and couplers.  A new light-duty clamp for use with trussing, roofing or scaffolding, the 500 series is designed to be used with lighting fixtures up to 110 lbs. Like all clamps from Milos, the 500 series is made of tensile aluminum alloy and is TUV NORD-certified for safety.  The low profile extrusion makes these clamps well-suited for exhibits and other light-duty uses.
Milos will also feature its QuickTruss® aluminum trussing, which uses QuickConnect technology with conical connectors and tapered pins for fast and secure assembly.  QuickTruss is available in a wide range of sizes, from the light-duty M222 to the maximum-duty M950.

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