Newcastle’s Theatre Royal Updated with New Lighting Control System

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• Created: October 15, 2009

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NEWCASTLE, U.K. — White Light recently completed a six-week upgrade to the lighting control and dimming systems at Newcastle’s Theatre Royal, which included ETC’s Eos control system and ETC Sensor dimming. “Andy Main and his team at the Theatre Royal spent a long time discussing their requirements and considering their options, trying out many of the control systems now available,” said White Light’s technical sales manager, Roger Hennigan. “They chose ETC.”

The new dimming system uses five 48-way ETC Sensor racks populated with 170 3kW RCD dimmers, 19 5kW RCD dimmers and 34 3kW contactor modules, plus an additional four 6-way SineWave wall-mounted dimmer packs.

The control system is now based around a 4,000-channel ETC Eos console, with a matching RPU backup and a smaller ETC Ion console. DMX output from the console’s network output is generated using two ETC Net3 4-way Gateways, each offering four DMX outputs and four DMX inputs, and six ETC Net3 3-way touring Gateways, each with twin DMX outputs. A network PC allows dimmer monitoring and remote console operation, while a Net3 Radio Remote Focus unit allows easy channel control from the stage.

Along with White Light’s Lorne Stewart, who was responsible for the field wiring and production lighting boxes, Audio Light Systems of Edinburgh and electrical consulting firm White Young Green played a role, as did the Theatre Royal’s staff, who installed the new Cat5e data network.

White Light also supplied the lighting rig for the first touring production to make use of the upgraded system, Never Forget. White Light has also sold the Theatre Royal an assortment of gear, including a new front-of-house rig of ETC Source Fours.

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