White Light has Busy Time on London’s West End

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• Created: October 12, 2009

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LONDON — White Light is no stranger to London’s West End, but the company set something of a record for itself recently by supporting three different productions at the same theatre over the course of just a few days. At the Arts Theatre, White Light delivered lighting equipment on Friday for a Saturday show, then returned late on Saturday evening to collect the gear.

The same weekend, White Light’s production team working with PositiveTV on an event in the same theatre, providing lighting design, supply, crewing and more. The PositiveTV event occupied the theatre for Monday.

Right after that, White Light was involved with the load-in for the same theatre’s next full production, the one-woman play Catwalk Confidential, which moved to London from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

For that show, White Light supplied the lighting rig specified by lighting designer Alistair Grant, working once again with producers Eon Productions and Michael Rose Ltd.
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