Tait Towers and Fisher Technical Services Announce Partnership

PLSN Staff • On the Move • October 4, 2010

LITITZ, PA AND LAS VEGAS – Tait Towers and Fisher Technical Services, Inc. (FTSI) announced an agreement to share the resources and technologies developed by both firms, including integrated staging and automation technologies. Each company will continue to operate in their current locations with their current staff, and will continue to serve both existing and future clients without interruption. Tait Towers has been utilizing the FTSI "Navigator" control system on many of its flagship projects, including the recent tours for Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga, and Roger Waters' The Wall, giving Tait the ability to equip clients with systems that are able to coordinate and control deck machinery, chain hoists, video walls and other motion effects while simultaneously sharing information with lighting and video systems.


"Navigator continues to allow us to do things that would have otherwise been impossible," said Adam Davis of Tait Towers. "Tait and FTSI will be able to continue our culture of innovation and push the boundaries for the entire industry."


"Our industry is moving in an increasingly more sophisticated technical direction," added James "Winky" Fairorth, also of Tait, "and it only made sense to form a tighter relationship with Fisher to allow us to keep moving forward and providing our clients with better and better show systems."


"We have enjoyed our work with Tait on many high-end projects thus far," said Scott Fisher of FTSI. "Teaming up more closely with Tait will greatly expand our resource pool and allow us to introduce these combined resources, manufacturing skills, and expanded capacity to our theater and theme park client base. This will have a very positive effect on our overall manufacturing quality, service response, and our collective ability to take on big projects and execute them efficiently. It's really a great marriage, and we're very much looking forward to the future."


For more information, please visit www.taittowers.com and www.fishertechnical.com.


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