Antari DNG-200 Low-Lying Fog Machine

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• Created: February 13, 2009

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Elation Professional’s new low-lying fog effect machine doesn’t require dry ice or any connection to external units. The Antari DNG-200 Low Fog Generator is a self-contained unit that produces a continuous output of low-lying fog while running on X-Fog Ice fog fluid. It features 3M fog conducting hose, 10-liter tank, a compressor and an aluminum heater block, allowing it to produce continuous fog at 40,000 CFM. Three output settings range in thickness and the volume and timing can be controlled via DMX or the built-in timer controller. It measures 30.7” by 24” by 27,” weighs 265 pounds and the retail price is $10,999.95.

Elation Professional       866.245.6726

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