Blizzard Launches New Redstone Line at LDI

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• Created: October 12, 2018

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WAUKESHA, WIS.– Blizzard is proud to announce its latest endeavor, Project: Redstone, a daring mission to create the first ever light show in space, visible from all corners of the Earth. Named after the Redstone Rocket which powered NASA’s Mercury missions, the show features 3 new fixtures from Blizzard, Redstone™ 300 Profile, 440 Profile, and 240Z Wash. The project is the brainchild of Blizzard CEO and Chairman of the Bored, Will Komassa.

More details from Blizzard (

“Since the Mercury 2 Mission was the first to carry a chimp into space, it only made sense for us to be the first to send a DJ into space. He will execute the light show and drop some sick beats. I guarantee it will be a show like the world has never seen. We’re still working out if we’ll be able to bring him back, but I am not really concerned about it either way.”

Blizzard’s crack legal team is quick to point out, due to truth in advertising laws, it’s physically impossible for light fixtures to be visible from space. It will be a show like the world has never seen because the world will not see it, at least not while it is in space. Project: Redstone and all Redstone fixtures will be visible at booth #1927 at LDI 2018.

Redstone™ 240Z Wash: Features a 14:1 optical zoom system (5°-70°range) and is fitted with a high-output OSRAM 240W 4-in-1 LED (RGBW). The wash applies light pipe technology with a textured Fresnel lens to deliver perfect, pure and even color mixing with endless options. It also provides a specially designed rotating prism that creates fantastic beam shaping effects. It’s designed with 5 dimming modes and 4 dimming curves and provides variable speed shutter/strobe effect, internal programs and a variety of pre-programmed macro effects to for easy operation. It offers fast and smooth pan/tilt movements, plus simple and complex DMX channel profiles. It supports DMX, RDM, Art-Net protocol, and a has built-in Wireless Solution® wireless W-DMX receiver.

Redstone™ 440 Profile: A professional intelligent LED moving head spot, designed with a 440W cool white LED engine (7500K), and a full CMY color mixing system + CTO color correction. It has an 8-blade framing shutter system with 100° bi-directional rotation and delivers a total of 15,000 high-CRI (>90) lumens for intense output. It has a rotating gobo wheel with 7 interchangeable glass gobos +open, a static gobo wheel with 6 gobos +open, and a color wheel with 7 dichroic colors. It’s got variable speed strobe, 3-facet rotating prism, frost filter, electronic focus, plus a full color 180° reversible TFT display. This incredible moving head fixture supports DMX, RDM, Art-Net protocol, and has a built-in Wireless Solution® wireless W-DMX receiver.

Redstone™ 300 Profile: All the features of Redstone™ 440 Profile, but with a 300W cool white LED engine (7500K) and a total of 12,600 high-CRI (>90) lumens for intense output.



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