Claypaky XTYLOS Laser Beam Moving Light Debuts at PL+S

PLSN Staff • Product News • April 15, 2019

Claypaky XTYLOS

FRANKFURT, Germany – Claypaky debuted its laser beam moving light, the XTYLOS, at Prolight+Sound 2019. About 10,000 people attended the live demo shows at Claypaky’s stand during the four days of Prolight+Sound 2019. The XTYLOS video teaser received more than 150,000 views on various social media channels.

More details from Claypaky (www.claypaky.it):

Claypaky’s Xtylos is an innovative, compact beam moving light making use of a tailor-made laser source (Patent Application filed). It features an RGB additive color mixing, where colored light beams are as bright as a white light beam. The Xtylos is the first moving head light with a laser light source, and this opens up new, surprising prospects for the development of the entire entertainment lighting world.

It is a beam moving light that uses a revolutionary laser source specifically built for it, which is enclosed in a reliable, safe, completely sealed module. It is a powerful engine that creates an incredible range of colors.

Thanks to a special optical unit developed by Claypaky and the typical effects of a professional moving head, lighting designers and operators can use the Xtylos without any special training.

For the video teaser, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KgVMLXxEeU

More details from Claypaky’s product literature:

The entertainment industry is constantly looking for new technology to impress audiences with new surprising effects. Nowadays, rapid technological development means that new fixtures, which perform better in terms of power, light output and lifespan, while reducing weight and overall dimensions, are continually introduced onto the market. However, they are usually an evolution of previous models rather than being “revolutionary.” The new Claypaky XTYLOS, on the contrary, is a real revolution.

The XTYLOS stems from the joint experience of Osram, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of light sources, and Claypaky, which has constantly innovated the world of show lighting by inventing luminaires that have become industry standards.

The XTYLOS uses a totally innovative technology. It could be defined a “BLazer”, i.e a compact beam moving light with unique optical and chromatic characteristics, making use of a tailor-made laser source. This laser source is enclosed in a reliable, safe and fully sealed module and it is the powerful engine of an incredible array of colors.

Thanks to a special Claypaky optical system and the effects that are typical of a professional moving head, XTYLOS becomes a luminaire that lighting designers and operators can immediately use without any special training.

Features include high energy efficiency, with excellent luminous efficacy. Each of the RGB colors requires less than 100 Watt, the equivalent of a low consumption fixture, but the resulting light output easily exceeds any high-power beam moving light.

Full beam of light without visible hotspots. A special design (patent -pending) optical system turns the laser-emitted light into a solid, dense, saturated light beam without any visible hotspots. The beam aperture is less than 2° and it can be decreased further to 0.5° using the beam diameter reducers provided on the gobo wheel. The resulting pencil beams are of exceptional intensity, and cannot be reproduced by any other light sources, either LED or traditional.

Amazingly bright and saturated colors with the exclusive Turbo Color System. The XTYLOS uses laser technology with RGB additive color mixing. In contrast to the subtractive mixing used with discharge lamps, colored light beams are as bright as a white light beam. With the XTYLOS you always have a Turbo-Red, a Turbo-Blue, and a Turbo-Green at your disposal, together with all their combinations, which are infinitely brighter than those produced by a traditional bulb. Color consistency is literally unequalled both across different fixtures and during lifetime. Lighting designers will finally be able to create their shows making extensive use of colors, without fear of them being overwhelmed by the rest of the lighting rig.

Never-seen-before “BLazer” effects. The range of effects is very wide and complete: two gobo wheels – with 7 rotating gobos and 12 fixed gobos (including 7 beam diameter reducers) – a wheel with 4 prisms, and a 16-facet prism on a dedicated channel which can be overlapped with the prism wheel. These effects are enhanced by the laser source and by the visibility of the aerial colors, giving rise to never-seen-before “BLazer” effects.

Unrivalled dynamism. Effect and color changes alternate virtually instantaneously, in such a way that they are difficult for the human eye to perceive. Besides allowing lighting scenes to be changed very quickly and accurately, the speed of this change itself can be used as a breath-taking effect.

Absolute safety. Claypaky new “BLazer” technology is absolutely safe and can be used by any lighting operator. From the point of view of use, the XTYLOS is a normal light, and has all the certifications every light has. The laser unit is housed in a sealed module, which is not accessible to users. This module produces a harmless beam of light with incredible optical characteristics: bright, perfectly collimated, uniformly mixed and evenly distributed accross its section. Unlike some discharge lamp fixtures, its beam comes with a negligible amount of heat, so there is no risk of heating up scenery and objects.

Small dimensions. An extraordinarily compact housing, together with the most advanced electronics on the market, make the XTYLOS extremely fast and responsive to pan-tilt movements. Its compact size means it can be easily installed on pre-rigs or housed inside the Claypaky Igloo for fixed outdoor installations.

Long lasting source without decay. The laser source lasts for approximately 10,000 hours (equivalent to eight to ten years of average use by a rental company) with minimal decay in luminous efficacy. This is a significant technology improvement which results in an excellent ROI for rental companies.

Internal modularity. The “BLazer” module is easily accessible and replaceable at the end of its life. The electronic module is a disjointed unit and it may be replaced separately from the light source, if faulty.

The XTYLOS is definitely the most dynamic light on the market. It is ideal tool for all rental companies, for use at major events, and at any show which would like to stand out with colorful beams and never-seen before effects. It is also perfect for permanent installations in theme parks and tv studios.


XTYLOS Main Features:

  • Light Source: Tailor-made laser engine, enclosed in a sealed module
  • Long lasting light source (10,000 hours) with minimal decay
  • Solid, flat field, saturated, ultraconcentrated light beam without any visible hotspots.
  • Natural beam aperture: 2° (up to 0.5° using beam diameter reducers)
  • RGB additive color mixing, with exclusive Turbo-colors
  • Unequalled color consistency both across different fixtures and during lifetime.
  • Exclusive BLazer graphic effects
  • One wheel with 7 rotating gobos
  • One wheel with 12 fixed gobos (incl. 7 beam reducers)
  • One wheel with 3 prisms and 1 frost filter
  • Sixteen-facet prism on a dedicated channel
  • Unrivalled effect and color change speed
  • Compact housing with easy accessibility to all modules
  • Extremely fast pan-tilt movements

XTYLOS Weight & Dimensions:

25 Kg (55 lbs)

391mm x 294 mm x 603mm (15.4” x 11.6” x 23.7”)

Statement from Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum:

“Once again Claypaky chose Prolight+Sound to present a revolutionary new product and confirm its role as an innovative company,” said Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum. “Everyone agreed that the XTYLOS was the most significant new product at this important international event. We are obviously proud of our success, and seeing our booth so crowded was a great satisfaction. Visitors also appreciated the other innovative products we brought to the fair, both for their variety of applications and their performance. We are also pleased with the success of our new CloudIO tool, with which Claypaky enters the world of connectivity. It shows we are also attentive to our customers’ maintenance needs.”

Other Claypaky products featured at PL+S 2019:

The Xtylos was not the only highly appreciated Claypaky product at Prolight+Sound.

The Axcor Wash 600 made its world première at PL+S 2019. It is a versatile, enhanced version of the Axcor Profile 600 with the same colour generation technology. In addition, it is fitted with a framing system with four blades and three focal planes. The unit is available with three interchangeable lenses, which may also be purchased separately: PC (standard), Fresnel or Clear.

The Axcor Profile 400 and Axcor Spot 400 are the most complete LED moving head lights in their category, and are equipped with all the most advanced optical, lighting, mechanical and electronic functions.

The Sharpy Plus is the first 100% hybrid unit, capable of being both a perfect beam light and a perfect spot light. It fits the high-performance Osram Sirius HRI® 330W X8 lamp, and large numbers of Sharpy Plus units are due to be used at the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv from 14 May.

The HY B-EYE is the latest innovation in the B-EYE range, with all the range’s successful characteristic features, which have been improved and further enhanced. It is more powerful (it fits 40 watt RGBW LEDs), more efficient, more interactive with media servers (with Kling-Net protocol built-in), more versatile and quieter than ever.

The MINI-B is the smallest LED light ever made by Claypaky for the professional market. Although it weighs only 7 kg (15.43 lb) and measures only 34 cm (13.39 inches), the Mini-B incorporates all the most modern and innovative technological features. The light source is based on 40 watt Osram RGBW LEDs, and the central LED can be controlled separately from the outer LED ring.

The CloudIO is an IoT device (patent pending), which provides technicians with comprehensive diagnostics for Claypaky lights returning from events. This tool collects data on the hours of lamp life of each unit and the conditions of the various components, and updates the firmware, simply by connecting to the cloud. The CloudIO is equipped with a retrofit system so that it may be used with almost all Claypaky lights.


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