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Introducing NovaStar’s Thunderview Series A powerful and Stable Low Latency Solution

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Product News
• Created: December 20, 2017

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Thunderview Series

Thunderview Series

USA – LED technology is ever-advancing, providing more and more features by the day.  Even with these constant advances, we here at NovaStar recognize that there is always room for improvement. LED technology is used more and more in the television and media world, whether it be studios, stage rental, monitoring walls, or indoor high-end fine pitch applications. Two critical requirements for applications in these areas are low latency and stability. These are two areas we’ve noticed many current LED solutions have issues with, and we’ve set our sights on solving these problems.

More details from NovaStar (www.novastar.tech):

We here at NovaStar are excited to introduce to you the Thunderview Series, an integrated solution that not only provides the excellent picture quality you’ve come to expect from Nova, but also ensures that low latency and stability are problems of the past.

The Thunderview Series combines 3 amazing products into one integrated solution.

First is the S1 controller. Offering 3840 x 1080 @ 60hz resolution, a wealth of input options, and a smart hardware backup solution, the confusing settings of typical software backups are a thing of the past. Many current controllers can have a frame delay of up to 3 seconds or more, but the S1 runs with no delay, eliminating many issues that plague current LED solutions.

The second piece of Thunderview is the TR100 receiving card. A single card has a resolution of 384 x 384, supports 18bit+ and Clearview, as well as mapping.  Additionally, it is compatible with the excellent Novastar calibration system. The final touch on this beauty is coaxial connectors, which are known for their exceptional reliability.

The final part of the Thunderview solution is the V1 video processor.  With 4k-supporting HDBaseT and HDMI inputs added to the industry standard DP, 3G-SDI*2, DVI, VGA, and CVBS, the V1 has all the flexibility you need.


Using the S1 controller and the TR100 receiving card in combination, you can achieve a delay of less than one frame.  When the excellent V1 video processor is added into the mix, the delay will still remain under 2 frames, setting a new standard for low-latency solutions.

In short, the Thunderview Series is an ideal solution for applications requiring low latency and high stability.  NovaStar is dedicated to keeping apprised of the latest trends and requirements of our customers, and are focused on constantly improving our products to meet these needs.  We’re sure that the new Thunderview series, as well as it’s myriad advanced features, will be a huge hit!

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