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Laserworld Showeditor V6 Released

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Product News
• Created: December 19, 2017

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SWITZERLAND – Laserworld released the latest version of the Laserworld Showeditor professional laser control software in Version 6. Several new features have been added and many other improvements have been made.

More details from Laserworld (www.laserworld.com):

The Live window became easier to use for beginners, as it automatically loads the default show, which can be customized and recalled any time. Several faders have been added to control master intensity, master speed and color shift effects from the live interface or also external fader consoles (MIDI/DMX). The Timeline programming window has been extended with pre-set fade effects to ease and speed up laser show programming with the Laserworld Showeditor.

All license owners of Laserworld Showeditor 2015 can upgrade free of charge by downloading the latest version and installing it: Download the latest version of Laserworld Showeditor 

New Tutorial video on Timeline programming with the Laserworld Showeditor: 
How to create a laser show with the Laserworld Showeditor V6


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