LightFactory Version 2.2

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• Created: January 12, 2010

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Cooper Controls' Version 2.2 LightFactory software introduces multi user functionality, built on an SQL database that allows shows to be shared with real time updates from any number of users, plus full partitioning for distributed playback and programming.

Other new features include:


  • Additional attributes have been made available in generic palettes.
  • Shortcut buttons can now be placed directly onto the layout view (channel display).
  • DMX input can now be merged with desk channels.
  • A new channel group behaviour allows a submaster to control the Hue of color mixing fixtures.
  • Submaster and shortcut pages can be assigned a color for easy on screen reference.
  • New track sheet provides a spreadsheet view of channels vs. cues.
  • Variables have been added to the macro language.
  • A new safety playback mode help to prevent mistaken "GO" commands by requiring a second click for follow-on and fading cues.
  • LightFactory can now be triggered by a Web site using the new Web server connectivity.
  • Full networked multi user support.


The latest version of LightFactory is available to download from and existing users can upgrade to Version 2.2 at a special rate of $149 until Dec. 31, 2009.


For more information, please visit


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