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NEC PH2601QL and PH3501QL Laser Projectors

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Product News
• Created: January 5, 2018

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NEC’s new PH3501QL projector

NEC Display Solutions of America launched two new projector models, the 30,000 Center (26,000 ANSI) lumen PH2601QL and the 40,000 Center (35,000 ANSI) lumen PH3501QL (pictured here). Along with native 4K resolution, these projectors both feature RB laser light sources, high levels of protection from dust, and levels of brightness that make them suited for use in challenging venues with ambient light. Specs include 4096 x 2160 native 4K resolution, true 4:4:4 4K signal support and a complete panel for digital inputs, including HDMI (V2.0), DisplayPort with HDCP (V.1.4), HDBaseT with HDCP (V1.4/2.2), Quad 3G-SKI and an OPS slot. They are designed to be used for projection screens ranging from 50 to 500 inches (1.27 to 12.7 meters).

More details from NEC (www.necdisplay.com):

“These new high-brightness projectors have a native 4K resolution for unsurpassed image details for graphics design, CAD drawings and Digital Cinema Quality Video. Coupled with 50-percent vertical lens shift and multiple lens choices, they provide maximum installation flexibility for most any environment” says Richard McPherson, Senior Product Manager at NEC Display Solutions. “We’re excited about these projectors because they feature the latest RB laser light source, which provides bright images and high resolution and makes them a perfect fit for customers who want maximum detail and color reproduction.”

Both projectors are well-suited for auditoriums, theaters, lecture halls, museums, sanctuaries and other large venues. Super dust protection for artifact free images and no loss of brightness over time. Built-in edge blending, stacking and geometric correction help support projection mapping when single or multiple projectors are required. These two models also offer the ability to provide image integrity, incorporating stable brightness (constant brightness) over a longer time period to alleviate image decay. The extreme brightness and resolution also offer a seamless alternative to video walls.

Additional benefits of the PH2601QL and PH3501QL include:

Viewable in high ambient lighting conditions

4096 x 2160 native 4K resolution

True 4:4:4 4K signal support

Complete panel for digital inputs, including HDMI (V2.0), DisplayPort w/ HDCP (V.1.4), HDBaseT w/ HDCP (V1.4/2.2), Quad 3G-SKI and an OPS slot

Screen size from 50 to 500 inches (1.27 to 12.7 meters)

Both new projectors will be available in January 2018. The PH2601QL will have a minimum advertised price of $129,999, and the PH3501QL will have a minimum advertised price of $149,999. They come with NEC’s 5-year/20,000-hour parts and labor warranty. For additional information and specs, please visit NEC Display Solutions.

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