Adlib Supports John Barrowman U.K. Tour

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • November 6, 2010

LIVERPOOL – Adlib is providing a lighting and AV package for the current John Barrowman U.K. tour, with Steve Rayment tour managing the operation and Paul Crockford as tour director. It's Adlib's third tour with Barrowman and a full Adlib crew. Adlib's Andy Rowe stretched the budget with a rig that could flex to meet the needs of the variables inherent in Barrowman's show. Having system tech'd on the last two tours, this time around he stepped up to take on the LD role, working alongside Charlie Rushton and Chris Neary.


The rig has front and back trusses and two gently-raked side trusses. On the back were eight Martin Professional MAC 700 Profiles and seven MAC 700 Washes. On the sides are three MAC 700 profiles and four MAC 301 LED Washes.


The upstage lights are used rock ‘n' roll style for beam work and backlighting looks. The side fixtures cut across the stage for more of a theatrical look with the dancers on the forestage. This works to split the stage area into two halves for lighting.


Six MAC 700 Washes, nine Source Four 19 degree profiles and six 2-lites for the audience are positioned on the front truss for the show,

On the floor, at the back, there are another six MAC 301s, together with six PixelPAR 90s and another two MAC 700 Washes on each side.


Rowe runs the show on a Road Hog Full Boar with a Wing, which also triggers the Catalyst media server running the visuals.


A 30-foot-wide white upstage cyc is the projection surface, and the Sanyo XF47 projector is mounted on the front truss, fed by content from a Catalyst v4 Pro media server.


The visuals are a mix of colorful ambient moving wallpaper effects, plus some VT play-ins and sequences of stills of Barrowman's family and personal collections, which are used to illustrate his stories. The crew uses a combination of manual cues and timecode to fire the cues.


For more information, please visit www.adlibsolutions.co.uk.

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