Coolux Pandoras Box Helps Alex Doss Transform Fuego Night Club

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • November 8, 2010

LAS VEGAS – Scenic designer Alex Doss transformed the Fuego nightclub in the Rio Casino with eight coolux Pandoras Box Server PROs, one coolux Pandoras Box Manager STD, 60 beaMovers from Publitec, two Sanyo XF 47 projectors, 104 LED panels, VersaTubes, Atomic Strobes, fog machines and Gerriets retractable screens. Other involved with the product included Nicole Duerr, producer; Sven Gayer and Timo Weinhold, programmers; and lighting director/operator Ginger Fournier.


The nightclub had previously been used by the artist Prince, and still had purple-colored walls and many meters worth of rear-projection boxes situated alongside the round-shaped main room.


Doss' redesign targeted two main tasks: First, he wanted the interior space to become one holistic light sculpture. Second, he needed it to become possible for the club's visual appearance to change drastically at the flick of a button, to accommodate acts ranging from Electro to Latin House DJs. 


The gap spaces in between the long line of rear projection boxes were visually closed using LEDs and VersaTube fragments displaying video content.


Doss used the beaMovers with kinetic objects including retractable screens and projection screens on movable frames, and the versatility of the coolux Pandoras Box product range proved an asset to that process.


"I really don't know where to start. I love everything about the system, the product itself, the communication between users and the way the creative geniuses at coolux continue to come up with innovative solutions that make being a designer a real joy," Doss said.


Timelines containing complex content structures as well as matrix settings, LED and VersaTube control were programmed to create seamless fading between all different kinds of content.


During shows and club nights, the VJ's turntables and any kind of additional equipment could be fed into the setup from different positions, using pre-programmed router settings to create mural-like panoramic effects.


The visuals link to the sound via Sonic Emotion's 3D sound system, which can be connected to Pandoras Box and allows the creation of spatial sound effects.


Alex Doss' video design, meanwhile, used the projection boxes in conjunction with  walls, floor, ceiling and furniture.  The beaMover was able to move dynamic beam structures in haze or allow 3D-looking objects to appear.


Projected visuals are also synchronized with LED panels, with visuals layered and controlled by the LED controller.


"In connection with kinetic elements and media, like fog or textile fabrics of all kinds, one can create a complete object that becomes more than the sum of all its parts," said Doss.


For many of his current projects, Doss incorporates lighting and projection with Sonic Emotion's Wave Processor Technology in combination with the coolux Widget Designer PRO, creating interactive audio/visual interfaces that can be controlled by performers and artists.


For more information, please visit www.coolux.de and www.oneoverchaos.com.


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