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Green Hippo in it for the Long Haul at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Spectacular

by PLSN Staff • in
  • Projection Connection News
• Created: December 11, 2017

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Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

SINGAPORE – Two years in the making and set to run for five years, Spectra is Marina Bay Sands Singapore’s outdoor laser, light, projection and water show. The Marina Bay Sands Singapore was already a stunning looking structure. Steve Nield was the creative tasked with designing an outdoor laser, light, projection and water show with the visuals to complement the Aedas-designed S$8 billion property.

More details from Green Hippo (www.green-hippo.com):

Featuring a soundtrack composed by Singaporean award-winning producer and music arranger Kenn C, Spectra runs for 15-minutes, setting itself apart from other shows with many technical firsts, including the use of specially-developed underwater 500 watt LED fixtures, and a 12-meter high laminated glass prism, which forms the ‘heartbeat’ of the show.

Charged with delivering ‘emotion’ over ‘storyline’, Steve worked closely with Kenn C, knowing that Kenn’s production would deliver the backbone for a truly visual spectacular.  At the core of the show’s media system Steve installed six Green Hippo Media Servers. One pair of Hippotizer Boreals – one main, one back-up – provides media feeds to three water screens, with each screen having two Christie Boxer 4K20 projectors. The remaining four Boreals – three main, one back-up – project on to the ‘petals’ of the adjacent ‘lotus flower’ styled ArtsScience Museum.

Control of the servers is via Art-Net from a grandMa2, which in turn is triggered via time code from an ADAT. This system also provides multi-channel music to the speaker array, on, and off, the water. Steve’s list of creative considerations was extensive. Lights are positioned on specially created floating pontoons, as well as additional projection screen barges. And the chosen lighting positions give maximum effect in conjunction with laser, projection, and water effects. The result is a truly spectacular spectacular!

A non-negotiable requirement for a show set to run for five years is product reliability. And this, says Steve Nield, is what Green Hippo delivers. In addition to its creative possibilities, he is confident in Hippotizer’s ability to provide stability.

Steve said: “I needed to specify a solid reliable platform that would provide the client with not only value for money, but also a solid, stable platform that would last the proposed five years that the show is scheduled to run. I use many different servers for different projects but being a Hippotizer user and owner for over 10 years, I have extreme confidence in the product and the support behind it. As a lighting and visual director, Hippotizer Media Servers have been a great asset in my toolbox for many years, helping me to integrate lighting and media.”

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