Vaddio Launches VaddioLIVE Demo Program for AV Products

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • December 2, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Vaddio's new VaddioLIVE demo program bring real-time product demonstrations to dealers, integrators and end-users who are seeking more knowledge on automated classrooms, training facilities and conference rooms. Vaddio marketing and training coordinator Bernadette Yard is giving the live demonstrations via videoconference or streaming, depending on client preferences.


"As we expand our line of products it gets more difficult to do demos in the field," said Rob Sheeley, president of Vaddio. "You can't just throw everything into the trunk of your car anymore and do a two-hour setup for a 20-minute demo. Everything is so integrated that you really need to see the demo in a real-life application, so we developed VaddioLIVE to make it easier and more convenient for everyone to see how our products work."


Demonstrations focus on products installed and integrated into Vaddio's training facility and conference room. Products highlighted include the ClearVIEW HD-18, Video Whiteboard, AutoPresenter, AutoTrak, TrackVIEW, PresenterPOD, ProductionVIEW HD, REVEAL HD-18, CeilingVIEW HD and several other peripheral products.


For more information, please visit www.vaddio.com.

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