RED Lighting Pixel Par and Pixel Square

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RED Lighting Pixel SquareRED Lighting’s Pixel Par and Pixel Square LED fixtures feature COB (Chip on Board) technology, where the sources are mounted on a flat circuit board at an imperceptible distance from each other for a homogenized effect. Output is considerable — up to 100W per chip — with a minimal luminous flux decadence and a lower heat production. The Pixel Par LED works with just a single 100W three-in-one RGB tri-COB LED and consumes 120W power. It is 215mm by 215mm by 240mm in size and weighs 2.5kgs. The Pixel Square has 16 30W RGB tri-COB LEDs, with 560W power consumption. It is 345mm by 165mm by 380mm in size and weighs 5.2 kgs. Both feature 60 degree beam angles and power-in specs of AC 110V-240V and 50Hz/60Hz.

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