Blizzard Fab5 Series LED Fixtures

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Blizzard Lighting Puck Fab5Blizzard Lighting’s Fab5 Series LED fixtures will incorporate 15W, 5-in-1 RGBAW LEDs with internal color mixing achieved with red, green, blue, amber and white nodes. The first two fixtures, due out in November, are the Puck Fab5, pictured left, and ToughPAR Fab5, below right. The Puck Fab5, a new variation of the Puck series flat LED par can, will feature seven of the new 15W 5-in-1 LEDs.

Blizzard Lighting ToughPAR Fab5The ToughPAR Fab5 is an IP65 outdoor-rated Fab5 fixture, also with seven of the new LEDs. They will be tightly sealed inside a weatherproof black cast aluminum enclosure with tempered glass lens and waterproof power connectors. The ToughPAR Fab5 also takes advantage of a 32-bit ARM Cortex CPU to enhance dimming performance. The retail price for the Puck Fab5 is $299.99. The ToughPAR Fab5 will retail at $499.99.

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