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Barco MCM-400Barco’s MCM-400 is a new warping, blending and color matching external component for the company’s Galaxy 4K projectors. Designed to enhance geometry correction, color correction, and electronic blending, the MCM-400 includes a real-time on-screen user interface and allows for several multi-channel configurations with multiple 4K projectors. The MCM-400 handles both mono and stereo sources up to 48 Hz. Four dual link DVI-D inputs allow 4K sources to be connected in four quadrants of 2048 by 1080 pixels, or two columns of 2048 by 2160 pixels. Both mono and stereo sources of 24 Hz or 48 Hz are shown synchronously with the input, with a minimal delay.

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KORTRIJK, Belgium – Barco introduces the MCM-400, a new external warping, blending and color matching device for the Galaxy 4K projector line. This hardware component opens a range of new opportunities for Barco’s Galaxy 4K series projectors for virtual reality systems, including use in a multi-channel setup to allow very high resolution displays with a limited number of projectors.

Barco’s Galaxy 4K projector family has been specifically designed to allow high-resolution powerwalls and caves by means of a single projector. However, some applications still need larger display sizes with multiple projectors. The MCM-400 adds this functionality to Barco’s 4K VR projectors by offering features such as warping, electronic blending, and advanced color correction between different screens in the same application. The MCM-400 thus makes Barco’s 4K projector series suitable for use in larger collaboration rooms (both flat and curved), 3D visualization, and high-resolution command and control displays.

The MCM-400 handles both mono and stereo sources up to 48 Hz. Stereo sources are connected by means of left and right passive stereo signals, which are then converted into an active flicker-free stereo signal up to 120 Hz. Furthermore, both mono and stereo sources can be shown synchronously with the input with minimum delay.

The MCM-400 is controlled by means of an infrared remote via a real-time on-screen menu. This allows operators to adjust the settings in a user-friendly way. Alternatively, touch panels can be integrated easily to control the MCM-400 via IP.

“The MCM-400 has been designed for maximum stability,” says Stefan Vandemaele, Product Manager Virtual Reality at Barco. “This means there is no computer, operating system or graphic card driver involved to complicate matters: the MCM-400 is designed specifically to deliver the highest possible quality of warping, blending and color matching. What’s more, with four dual-link DVI-D inputs, the 4K sources can be connected in four quadrants of 2048 by 1080 pixels. This allows previewing on standard HD monitors, greatly simplifying the process. The introduction of the MCM-400 expands the applicability of the Galaxy 4K projectors in VR systems significantly."