Robe Robin DLS Profile

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Robe Robin DLS ProfileThe Robe Robin DLS Profile is the latest product in the DL range of luminaires that uses the Robe RGBW LED module. The DLS adds a system of four fast, smooth, framing shutters within the optical path design of the DLX Spot format. There is individual control of each shutter blade position and angle, together with rotation of the complete framing module. The fixture offers a sharp precise or soft frame for the projected image;  the system produces a new series of effects through pre-programmed shutter blade shapes and movement sequences. Snappy blades of the framing module overlap each other on almost the same focal plane which allows the designer to create polygons or triangles, as well as other shapes, while staying in focus and always precisely returning to the pre-programmed position. As with all models in the Robe DL luminaire range, the multiple shadows normally associated with an LED source have been eliminated.

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