Chauvet MVP Ta8 Curve LED Video Panels

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Chauvet MVP Ta8 Curve LED Video PanelsChauvet Professional MVP Ta8 Curve is a modular video panel featuring tri-color SMD LEDs configured within a relatively tight 8.33mm pixel pitch. By taking advantage of the hardware incorporated into the panels, users can create flat, convex or concave LED screen surfaces with angles up to plus or minus (+/-)18 degrees without losing pixel pitch.

The blackface SMD LEDs improve contrast, and tight LED binning promises consistent color rendering across panels. With an IP54 rating, the panels can be used in temporary outdoor applications. They’re also designed to be rugged enough to withstand the rigors of touring and long-term installation applications. The panels also feature Neutrik powerCON and etherCON connectors for speedy installation and connectivity.

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