Zeus Media Server from Elation Professional

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Zeus Media Server from Elation ProfessionalElation’s Zeus Media Server is designed to serve as a full-scale media server with two full HD outputs and an Arkaos Media Master Pro 3.0 engine that lets users program and play visuals from any DMX lighting desk, MIDI controller or as a stand-alone unit. Along with Arkaos’ Kling-Net protocol, which automatically configures and distributes real-time video data to remote display devices by pixel and lets users achieve perfect time synchronization with many types of display devices, the Zeus Media Server does away with the expensive hardware converters previously required to send video data.

Zeus features 12 continuous playback layers with DMX fixture control per layer, and it offers an array of digital outputs, including: 1 x interface VGA/DVI/HDMI output; 2 x full 1080 DVI outputs; 1 x Ethernet out port; 8 x USB ports; and 1 x audio output. The unit also includes 5-pin DMX input and output. It is also capable of both Art-Net and Kling-Net LED video mapping and includes video surface mapping for projectors, soft edge blending, and a 4GB built-in library of video content along with a 500GB capacity for video content storage.

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