ROE Creative Display CB3 Video Tile

by Nook Schoenfeld
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CB cabinets were hung in a circular array at Roe’s InfoComm 2017 booth.
CB cabinets were hung in a circular array at Roe’s InfoComm 2017 booth.

ROE Creative Display has been manufacturing quality LED displays for over 10 years. They have six different product lines now, with each one geared towards filling the needs specified by different scenarios. In 2016 ROE Creative Display unveiled their new Carbon line of LED displays, an ultra-light series of tiles that incorporates their own ROE carbon fiber technology in the tiles, making them an ideal product for touring.

‡‡ROE Creative Display CB3 panels from behind

         Featured at InfoComm 2017

InfoComm 2017 in Orlando is the perfect place for me to check out what they are offering new to the line in this summer. That would be the CB3 model, which boasts a 3.75mm pixel pitch. Considerably higher in definition than its predecessors (the CB8 and CB5 models), the new series fits in the same sized 600mm x 1200mm frames as the other models.

They also offer a half-sized model that is a 600mm square, allowing the user to fit the option to slightly adjust any size wall they prefer if necessary. Each panel receives power through a powerCON True1 connector. An individual panel can use as much as 500W maximum power, so daisy-chaining power is an option. The signal to them is fed via
etherCON connectors from reliable Brompton processors.

While definitely higher in resolution, the CB3 offers 1500 NITS at its maximum brightness. This may be lower than the other Carbon models, but it will work wonderfully, especially in any indoor application where hi quality screens will be viewed from a close proximity. The black faced 3-in-1 SMD LEDs are easy to see at almost any angle as I range sideways. They claim to have 140° x 120° viewing angle. Despite all the bright lights on the convention floor, I notice no glare bouncing off the product.

The product is meant to be hung vertically as the tiles are slightly louvered. There is zero transparency of light coming through the tiles. The LEDs themselves will last 50,000 hours.

The tiles themselves are held in a sturdy outer frame made up of a carbon fiber and magnesium alloy. Despite its light weight, this frame is sturdy and strong enough to resist most impacts which may occur during setup and tear down procedures. The outer frame can be easily removed by loosening the screws. Inside each tile are intelligent modules which are held in place with magnets and easily replaceable.

Carbon product attached to a touring frame

‡‡         Easy Assembly

Assembling the product is extremely easy. The panels snap together with small clips on the sides and tops that are part of a connecting plate. ROE makes a variety of clamps used to hang the tiles, from individual connecting plates that have an O ring at the top to rig to a truss, to a 4-way plate made to enable four corners from four displays to join seamlessly. They make a hanging bar accessory which can attach to a truss or stage batten via two C-clamps as well, to make it easier to hang a wide wall. These connections are strong, and ROE states they can connect 20 displays vertically with no weight concerns. Weighing in at just over 29 pounds each, this is easily achieved.

They also offer a set of connecting plates specifically designed to curve your video wall in either direction. The Carbon series can curve up to 15° max in a concave shape or 10° in a convex alignment. There is a large circle of the product hung overhead in the booth, and it looks splendid and seamless 360° around.

Touring cart with MT frames

‡‡         Transport and Setup

These models can be transported in a flight case that can hold five displays and stack on top of each other in a truck. For heavy applications such as concert touring, the Carbon series is designed to fit the touring frames that ROE Creative Display offers. The touring frames each hold two vertical panels side by side that are easily locked in place with handles.

The frames are robust and strong and come with carts and a stacking system. The displays attach easily with locking handles. The frames are made of very lightweight alloys too, and the techs can climb directly on them. Transport carts can load 12 panels combined as six frames to save transport space. The carts can stack two high as well.

The stacking system can be used to build a screen when air suspension is not available so it is now a ground supported wall, perfect for venues lacking proper rigging points. The frames themselves weigh just over 12 pounds -- while the sturdy cart built to protect and transport the displays is a beefy 243 pounds, which is good. These will never fall over without something like a fork lift knocking them off a loading dock.

The product is currently IP43 rated. It is not fully enclosed but well protected against anything but dust. While it can withstand some splashing of water on it, it is not rated as waterproof and should be kept in a dry area. ROE has plans for an IP65 rated version somewhere in the future.

At a Glance

High in Resolution, Light in Weight

The latest model in the Carbon series boasts its highest resolution yet. At half the weight of the Black Onyx series, The CB3 fills a distinct niche in the live event business for people who want a high-res screen and a lighter weight product, but still demand the sturdy physical structure that ROE Creative Display products are known for.

PROS: Hi resolution product, lightweight carbon fiber frames make for easier erection and transport. Fit in touring dollies. No visibility through LEDs.

CONS: Need separate accessory plates and hanging hardware to curve the display wall.


  • Pixel Pitch: 3.75/0.153
  • Pixel Density: 71,111 px/sqm
  • Pixels in each tile: 160 x 320
  • LED Source: Black SMD 33-in-1
  • Max brightness: 1500 NITS
  • Viewing angle: 140°/120°
  • Wattage: 500 watts per display
  • Processing: Brompton processors
  • Dimensions: 600 mm x 1200mm (23.6” x 47.2”)
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs.
  • MSRP: Contact dealer for pricing
  • Manufacturer: ROE Creative Display
  • More Info: