Deeper Down: Why They Call It A User's Manual

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In this month’s Technopolis, you hopefully found me expounding on the virtues of (actually) reading a User’s Manual.

I’m sitting in the Tennessee Theatre, watching the tail-end of a load-out from the front-row seats.  As I sit here hoping that the trucks would magically load themselves, I go over the week’s gig in my head and am reminded of one of my most common uses of a manual on-site.

Any time I’m loading fixtures on to a counterweighted fly system, I’m asked for weights of the fixtures that we’re using.  Most of the time I know a pretty good estimate, having used the fixtures on various occasions before.

But when that’s not the case, I can pull out my laptop and have an accurate weight for the riggers in under a minute.

Now that’s useful!

I’ve got to go now.  The truck driver’s threatening to leave my gear on the street if I don’t get off my...well, you know.

See you next week when we once again lower the orchestra lift into the bowels of the Technopolis; a place we call The Complex.



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