Upstage Video Builds Low-Profile Mobile LED Trailers

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Upstage VideoPOTTSTOWN, PA - Upstage Video has custom built a pair of new super low-profile LED trailers featuring 11 x18 ft screens made with their proprietary Color Specific 8mm SMD LED tiles.

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“We are really excited to announce that our pair of new mobile LED units are finally on the road,” says Doug Murray, president of Upstage Video.  “Nothing comes easy when building custom designed vehicles.  It looks simple enough, but there’s a lot of engineering behind these units.  They came out of the oven a little late, but we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

The 11x18 ft screen surface features a 4-inch black border on all sides, trims to 13 ft 6 inches from the ground (about 5 fet higher than the Barco B10), and can rotate 360°.  This unit also features a low-profile deck at just 39 inches with a footprint of 8x16 feet (10 feet wide with outriggers) and a quiet generator rated at 61 dB at 20 feet.  As far as inputs, these things take it all: SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite and Component.  Bonus features include the ability to hang signage on three sides of the screen, and converting the unit into “Parade Mode” with a double-sided screen.

Murray was inspired to build the screens after one of his visits to Belgium, where he saw some of the lowest profile mobile screens in existence.  Nicknamed V1 and V2, these screens are by far some of the sleekest mobile LED screens available in the U.S. offering great sightlines at events, he says. "We finally have the perfect solution for flanking the StageLine mobile stages with LED screens. There is no longer the need for additional video truss bays."