GoVision Adds New 5mm Tiles to LED Arsenal

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TMS 9-23-13 152 (3)ARGYLE, TX -- GoVision has added 5mm Indoor LED panels to its rental inventory.  The new panels promise to be well suited to applications requiring high quality video seen from as little as three feet away without a loss of clarity. The panels are also designed to be light in weight, a boon for venues lacking traditional rigging acoutrement. They will also be available at a competitive price.

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Fortunately, tomorrow’s technology just arrived

“We’re thrilled to expand our internal inventory with these 5mm tiles to enable us to target and serve more indoor and corporate event-type business, especially in the winter months when demand peaks for indoor equipment,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision, LP.  “We’ve started reaching out to our more creative clients and letting them know how these new tiles are about to shift the event landscape.  Indoor shows just got a lot more interesting.”

TMS 9-23-13 126 (3)GoVision’s new 5mm Indoor tiles also allow for smaller screen applications – including 5-feet, 6.5-feet and 8-feet tall – where previously a minimum height of 9 feet was required for crisp images.  The high-end resolution and image quality also enables GoVision to cross the spectrum into close-in video applications such as trade show booths and expos.

The tiles will be featured at two events this week at Southern Methodist University, where GoVision will construct an 8’ x 14’ 5mm screen to serve as a stage backdrop.  Alford Media Services contracted with GoVision to use its 5mm indoor tiles at the SMU Alumni Awards on October 23rd and its Campaign Executive Committee Meeting on October 25th.

“For highly visible events like these, an LED screen with such a high resolution is vital,” said Curtis.  “The GV5 tiles offer the typical attention-getting aspect LED brings to any event while offering the high resolution you’d only expect from a large TV monitor.”

“Now more than ever, GoVision is in a position to be the complete solution provider for our clients, able to serve all of their needs, both indoors and out,” said Curtis.

For technical specifications and more information on this game-changing indoor technology, visit GoVision.