TDC Uses Barco UDX-4K32 for Vivid Sydney, Other Projects

by Frank Hammel
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TDC deployed Barco’s UDX 4K32 in a world-first large-scale laser projection at Vivid Sydney 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art for 'Organic Vibrations.'
TDC deployed Barco’s UDX 4K32 in a world-first large-scale laser projection at Vivid Sydney 2017 at the Museum of Contemporary Art for 'Organic Vibrations.'

SYDNEY - Barco noted that Technical Direction Company (TDC) was the first company to receive and use Barco’s UDX laser projectors. TDC has deployed the projector for Vivid Sydney (pictured here) and other projects.

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Technical Direction Company (TDC) − a long-term Barco partner in Australia − is involved in some of the country’s most prestigious live events. The company recently bought the UDX for large-scale entertainment and events projects across Australia.

The first to receive UDX laser projectors − only two months after the product’s launch on 30 March this year − TDC is also the first in the APAC region to take delivery of Barco’s 31,000 lumen UDX-4K32 projector.

“When Barco previewed the technology at the ISE 2017 trade show, I knew that this was the way forward for the future of large-format video projection,” said Michael Hassett, CEO at TDC.

“Laser phosphor technology is the first significant innovation that we’ve seen in the last 10 years. The quality is quite unbelievable. Artists are just amazed by its reproduction of blues, purples, and other colors that can be a challenge to project. Its potential will excite artists to delve into the detailed animation that audiences have not yet experienced.”

Projection technology expert TDC leads industry evolution

As TDC is involved in a number of events every year in Australia, the company has a full range of Barco projection and IP solutions in addition to the UDX in its inventory. Furthermore, TDC’s feedback regarding the UDX provides Barco with valuable data for the company’s R&D and product development activities.

"This is just the latest step in our excellent working relationship with TDC. We see TDC as not just a long-term customer but as a truly innovative partner that contributes very significantly to the development of our products thanks to their valued beta testing and feedback from their groundbreaking projects,” mentioned Wim Buyens, Senior VP Entertainment at Barco and Chairman of the Advanced Imaging Society; “Everyone who sees the projector will see precisely what we mean - it is truly a stunning technological achievement.”

Game-changing large venue projector

Launched on 30 March 2017, Barco’s UDX laser projector is a powerful projector in the events industry and a game-changer for rental companies and AV integrators. The most compact, high-brightness laser projectors on the market, the UDX projectors deliver reliable, razor-sharp 4K images to provide stunning experiences in terms of color, resolution, and processing for every type of event and venue. The UDX series also reduces costs significantly − with savings on installation, shipping time, and asset management.

Barco-partner-in-Australia_TDC_deploys_brand-new-UDX-4K32 Barco-partner-in-Australia_TDC_deploys_brand-new-UDX-4K32

Image Credit:  TDC – Technical Direction Company.

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