Appy New Year!

in Tips & Tricks

Santa Claus came early for me this year, and as a result, I’ve been propelled into the exciting world of the iPad2. I spent the first few days with it loading games and magazines (i.e. PLSN,, but then I thought about what else might be available for lighting professionals.  And that’s when a whole new world unveiled itself for me. In terms of productivity apps, iTunes has quite a few choices.  I chose iAnnotate PDF, Evernote and Dropbox right away because of their flexibility and mobility between desktop and iPad.  Many more — available for free or as little as $.99 —  can be found at By helping you be better organized and prepared for your next project, they’re well worth the price. The next search led me to find out what apps are available for popular lighting control systems.  Today, many consoles offer PC versions of their console software, and most of those PC versions are Art-Net friendly…so, I was curious to find out what iPad apps were available, and if they could be used as a stand-alone controller if needed.  (For a sampling, click here.)

Vickie Claiborne, from “Video Digerati,” PLSN, Jan. 2012