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Cyc Lights

Nook Schoenfeld • Buyer's GuideMay 2019 • May 3, 2019

PLSN May 2019 Buyers Guide

The original idea behind linear strips of lights was to be able to cast a wide swatch of colored light across an area, typically to light scenery or to serve as footlights in troughs for front light on stage. Along the way, concert and television LDs found they made great eye candy when placed at various angles and aimed toward the crowd. Thus the batten, as it was known, became less about lighting the stage and more about being a cool looking fixture. In the 1990’s they put motorized tilts on them. Then the SuperCyc from Coemar became a fancy automated fixture that I wish was still in use today. With the advent of the LED, companies have rethought how to best light cycloramas. Battens, scoop type fixtures and clever engineering abound in the models listed here.

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