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Multi-Cell LED Wash Moving Lights

Michael S. Eddy • Buyer's GuideNovember 2021 • November 2, 2021

This month in the PLSN Buyer’s Guide, we look at multi-cell LED wash moving lights. LED light sources have come a long way since the days of manufacturers packing 90 or 120 LEDs in a PAR can for a wash light. Many of these moving head wash units come with advanced features that allow users to pixel map or create other eye-catching effects that read well on camera or look great as a highlight to a lighting design. Here are 12 units submitted from a range of manufacturers so that you can do some side-by-side comparisons to see the specs for products you might be short-listing for a real-world demo.

ADJ Hydro Wash X19

Ayrton WildSun K25-TC

Blizzard Stiletto Ray-Z

Chauvet Professional Maverick MK3 Wash

Claypaky HY B-EYE K25

Elation Professional Rayzor 760

ETC/HES SolaPix 19

GLP Fusion Exo Wash

Martin MAC Aura PXL

Mega-Lite MW1

Robe iSpiider

Vari-Lite VL800 EventWash