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Resilience in 2022

Debi Moen • Editor's NoteJanuary 2022 • January 5, 2022

Debi Moen

In 2020, we pivoted. In 2021, we rescheduled. In 2022, our resilience will guide us. Even as some events are canceling early January performances because of the surging Omicron variant, our live event industry has learned to keep rolling with the restrictions by creating a new custom playbook through the pandemic. We are inventive with new solutions to keep working safely. As examples: Eric Church’s tour employs Covid-sniffing dogs to quickly give a once-over to the band and crew, while Foo Fighters are switching out an arena on the itinerary whose safety protocols don’t meet the band’s standards. In this issue, our Top Tours Showtime feature (page 11) includes links to the crew and gear on 2021’s most successful runs. We also talk to the whole team on Chris Stapleton’s production (page 14), we step behind the scenes of Ghostbusters: Afterlife (page 24) and we learn the backstory of Tour Manager Mark Oglesby (page 34). Bring it on, 2022.

— Debi Moen, Co-Editor of PLSN

(with Co-Editor Michael S. Eddy)