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The Floodgates Creak Open

Nook Schoenfeld • Editor's NoteJune 2021 • June 10, 2021

When we first heard that Toby Keith was fixing to open the floodgates to live concerts, we were all in. After a warm-up date out at the new Coachella Crossroads venue on May 15, the “Country Comes to Town” tour debuted with full touring production May 20 in Sioux Falls, SD. We headed over to the Denny Sanford Premier Center to catch this historical event. When the house lights went black and 10,000 people started cheering inside the arena, I got goose bumps. And other tours will follow. As Michael Golden of Bandit Lites says, Toby Keith is “the first one out the door, but now they’re all lining up. Anyone with a guitar is ready to go.”

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