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Turning 20 in 2020

Nook Schoenfeld • Editor's NoteJanuary 2020 • January 12, 2020

The New Year is underway. We’re all excited over at Timeless Communications because we just turned 20 years old. As a publication we had our strongest year ever in 2019 and only strive to get better as we grow older. I think my co-partner in crime George Peterson, the editor of FRONT of HOUSE, said it best recently. “Timeless is a team — we work with the best writers, best edit staff, best production/layout artists and best management team in the biz. We’re totally independent; we don’t have to kowtow to some corporate stooge whose only concern is ‘cheaper, cheaper.’ Everyone involved is 110 percent dedicated to creating a quality product, from focusing on editorial excellence to offering free web and archived digital editions as well as our print version. And when I hear people talking about the notion that ‘print is dead,’ I mostly agree, but add the correction that lame print is dead, and if you’re producing magazines or websites with engaging content that connects to the readers, you’re doing just fine.” I agree, and so do our readers, apparently.

‡‡         A Packed Parnelli Awards Show

I just read the first script for the upcoming Parnelli Awards, where the best in the live event and concert industry receive accolades from their peers. The number of PLSN readers who voted for their favorite LDs, scenic designers, audio folk, video directors and vendors was unprecedented — something like four times the voters we had last year. Many of the heavy-hitters in the rock ‘n’ roll touring world will be there — including those who are stepping up as presenters, giving out awards themselves. No less than four rock stars have volunteered to give out awards to some of their well-deserved friends who have looked after them for years. We’ve got a new bunch of NextGen Nominees on hand to network and get their names out as well.

Tables have been added, and we’ve reached the maximum amount of room the fire marshal will allow us, with more folks demanding tables at the last minute. With over 115,000 people from the music industry attending NAMM, it was a no-brainer to Terry Lowe when he announced the move of the Parnellis to Anaheim three years ago. Heck, I thought he was insane, but it has paid off in a big way. The touring biz tends to take January off, making it possible for us to assemble this large group of friends once a year. I think Patrick Stansfield would be proud of the state of this event as we hand out these awards for excellence.

I look forward to spending some quality time with the major vendors in our business at NAMM. Not everyone is there representing their wares, but enough of my friends are there that I can spend a half an hour in each booth learning about their products in earnest. I hear the advance requests for tickets to the Pro Production Sessions sponsored by Timeless Communications are doing well and attendance should be good for all the great speakers they have announced.

If you can’t attend the awards in person, stay tuned on, the PLSN newsletter and for the announcement of all the awards winners, which will be made shortly after the show takes place on Jan. 17.

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