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20 Years of PLSN in Pictures

PLSN Staff • April 2020Features • April 8, 2020

PLSN, Feb. 2000 – the issue that started it all

When PLSN debuted 20 years ago, we were in need of a staff photographer to shoot shows. We found a young man out of the Bay area named Steve Jennings, who was producing great stuff. For the next 20 years he has turned his flair for catching rock stars on camera into a full-time career with us, becoming both a world renown photographer and writer. Here are some words from our ace on his career, a popular cover from each year, and an act he shot while at their peak that year.

Steve Jennings

Steve Jennings, Photojournalist

“When I started to go to concerts as a teenager, I always brought my camera to capture those moments of the artists whose albums I played all the time. Covering bands and eventually getting published was exciting. I later also got into the “lighting and production” design work of these big shows, seeing amazing shows by Pink Floyd, Elton John and Tina Turner, to name just a few. When I was contacted to contribute photos to the first issue of a new magazine called Pro Lights & Staging News in Feb. 2000, I was really happy to have a new editorial outlet for my “production” photos.

“At the time, I also had my association with lighting companies where, on occasion, I was hired to photograph concert tours they supplied; these included Bandit Lites, Upstaging, Vari-Lite and Morpheus Lights. My first “photo” feature for PLSN was called “Touring Season,” with my photos of Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Don Henley and the Dixie Chicks. That issue also included my photos of the Top 10 Tours that year, so that’s how it all started with PLSN. Then, with the September 2001 issue, I started writing for the magazine as well for the first time. That feature was a Production Profile on a Tim McGraw tour, featuring lighting designer LeRoy Bennett.

“Having photographed so many tours, developing good relationships with so many lighting designers, directors and tour staff over the years, it continues to be great fun. I think it was said to me back then, ‘Why don’t you write the features as well, since you know all these people.’  Well, my response was something like, ‘I’m a photographer, not a writer.’ After some thought, I decided to give it a go… and here it is, 2020, where it’s been nonstop, averaging three to five stories per issue — crazy… I guess I fooled em.’  It’s been a fun journey (despite lots of long nights), but I continue to enjoy seeing and capturing different genres of music with photos and text.”

PLSN, Feb. 2000 – the inaugural issue. Below: Tina Turner

2000 TINA TURNER © Steve Jennings


2001: In the wake of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Below: Janet Jackson

2001 JANET JACKSON © Steve Jennings


2002: PLSN featured the Detroit Auto Show. Below: Britney Spears

2002 BRITNEY SPEARS © Steve Jennings


















2003: PLSN featured Metallica’s Summer Sanitarium tour. Below: Aerosmith

2003 AEROSMITH © Steve Jennings


2004: PLSN wrote about Phil Collins saying goodbye…the first time. Below: Van Halen

2004 VAN HALEN © Steve Jennings


2005: PLSN featured Bob See and the Pro Production show. Below: Lenny Kravitz

2005 LENNY KRAVITZ © Steve Jennings


2006: PLSN shined a light on the Latin Music Awards. Bottom: Flea of RHCP

2006 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS © Steve Jennings


2007: PLSN covered the nightclubs in Las Vegas’ Palms casino. Below: Christina Aguilera

2007 CHRISTINA AGUILERA © Steve Jennings


2008: PLSN expanded its coverage of eco-friendly festivals. Below: Madonna

2008 MADONNA © Steve Jennings


2009: PLSN covered the Jonas Brothers and their legions of young fans. Below: Gene Simmons of KISS

2009 KISS © Steve Jennings


2010: PLSN wrote about Howard Ungerleider lighting Rush. Below: Tom Petty



2011: PLSN shined a spotlight on corporate shows going rock ‘n’ roll. Below: Rihanna

2011 RIHANNA © Steve Jennings


2012: PLSN covered 4Wall’s rapid expansion. Below: Radiohead

2012 RADIOHEAD © Steve Jennings


2013: PLSN profiled two guys from Jersey helping victims of Hurricane Sandy. Below: Rush

2013 RUSH © Steve Jennings


2014: PLSN toots its own horn with a spread on the Parnelli Awards. Below: Lady Gaga

2014 LADY GAGA © Steve Jennings


2015: PLSN wrote about Cosmo Wilson and AC/DC. Below: U2

2015 U2 © Steve Jennings


2016: PLSN highlighted Nashville and its vendors. Below: Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath

2016 BLACK SABBATH © Steve Jennings


2017: PLSN featured the Parnelli-winning design for Paramore. Below: Roger Waters

2017 ROGER WATERS © Steve Jennings


2018: PLSN displayed Jesse Blevin’s work on St. Vincent’s shows. Below: Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones

2018 ROLLING STONES © Steve Jennings


2019: PLSN featured a new twist, covering a magician’s awesome production. Below: Billie Eilish

2019 BILLIE EILISH © Steve Jennings


2020: PLSN expanded its coverage of Las Vegas residency productions. Below: AC/DC

2020 Upcoming Tour AC:DC © Steve Jennings



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