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New Products, Nov. 2021

PLSN Staff • New ProductsNovember 2021 • November 3, 2021

Analog Way: Midra 4K Presentation Switcher

Analog Way recently released a major software update for the Midra™ 4K range of presentation switchers with more than 20 new features, including IP streaming, support of the RC400T event controller and live background content on Pulse 4K. The series is designed for high reliability, lowest latency, unrivaled ease of use, optimal image quality, and state-of-the-art live 4K processing features. The range includes: QuickVu 4K, QuickMatrix 4K, Pulse 4K, and Eikos 4K. The 2.0 software release offers IP streaming functionality, allowing any input or output to broadcast over IP.

ARRI Rental: ALFA and Moviecam Large-Format Lenses

ARRI Rental has developed two new large-format lens series—ALFA anamorphic lenses and Moviecam spherical lenses. Both series were conceived and constructed by ARRI Rental’s global lens development team. The ARRI Rental ALFA lens set comprises eight lenses ranging in focal length from 40mm to 190mm. They evolved out of artistic collaborations with filmmakers looking for new ways to tell stories and convey emotions. Available from ARRI Rental facilities worldwide, they are fast at T2.5 for most focal lengths, solidly built, and deliver a uniquely characterful anamorphic look for large format.

AV Stumpfl: PIXERA v1.8 Media Server Software

One key addition with the new PIXERA media server system version 1.8, is the introduction of a new show control solution—PIXERA control. This distributed integration and control framework empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within PIXERA and to control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything a user creates and integrates can be distributed across the connected systems and shares itself. Third party systems can communicate directly with the PIXERA API via dedicated modules, like Beckhoff automation technologies, as well as XR, AR, and/or MR components.

Chauvet: onAir IP Soft Light LED Panel

The onAir IP, a fully IP65 series of soft light LED panels, is available in three sizes; all have 90+ CRI, +/- green adjustment, and onboard emulated red-shift control via CRMX wireless control and DMX. The onAir IP Panel 2, is a 2×1 format 372W panel that delivers 23,000 peak lumens. The 200W onAir IP Panel 1, is a 1×1 format panel that provides over 12,000 peak lumens. The 49W onAir IP Panel Min produces over 2,500 peak lumens and has a removable PSU.

Christie: CounterAct UVC Disinfection Fixtures

The CounterAct™ line of commercial UV disinfection products with patented Care222® far-UVC light technology is now available. CounterAct fixtures, designed for use in occupied indoor spaces, was developed using parent company Ushio Inc.’s Care222nm UV lamp technology. Developed for use around people, CounterAct uses proprietary filtered far-UVC light to eliminate 99% of pathogens on surfaces including the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19, influenza, bacteria, and other antibiotic-resistant superbugs by damaging the DNA or RNA of the pathogen, which leaves them unable to reproduce and infect humans.

Eartec: Global Connect

The HUB with Global Connect wireless provides long-range, full duplex communication over IP webchat. Add the HUB to any computer or smartphone, initiate a webchat, and a crew of up to eight mobile wireless users can communicate in full duplex within a 400-yard range through the Internet to anyone on a computer or cell phone anywhere in the world. Global Connect systems begin with a custom wireless intercom including a HUB Mini Base along with any combination of up to 8 transceivers including UltraLITE wireless or UltraPAK radios with lightweight headsets.

Elation: KL Panel XL

The KL Panel XL™ LED soft light extends the size of the original KL Panel with nearly twice the power and offering multi-zone control. Optimized for the tunable white light requirements of film and television, it’s designed as a soft light source. It uses a 544W RGBW+ Lime + Cyan LED array up to 44,000 field lumens at a 100° half-peak angle. It has a CRI of 95 and adjustable color temperature from 2,000 to 10,000K and includes green-shift adjustment and virtual gel library to match the white balance for the camera.

JW Winco: Locking Joints

Serrated locking plates, thrust springs, and guide housings form the basis for the Winco locking joints, which can be assembled into entirely individual configurations. The core of these joints is always the locking plates with their precisely aligned serrations as well as their adjustment based on positive and nonpositive connections. Alongside the exact serration shape, the division of the teeth is also very important. Winco relies on typical tooth configurations, which allow important and specific adjustments in incremental steps of 6˚, 7.5˚, 10˚ and 15˚.

Mega Lite: Obra CYC N380

The Obra CYC N380 features 120 3W LEDs with the Obra nine-color mix of Deep Red, Red, Fire Red, Green, Aqua, Lime, Blue, Indigo, and Amber. Designed with a dual mounting system, it ships with two track-mounted clamp mounts or it can mount directly onto any ceiling structure. The mirror reflector enhances the even dispersion and quality of the light output to project onto cycs, scrims, painted or translucent drops, and other surfaces from multiple angles. It can be used to selectively highlight wide and narrow areas.

PROLIGHTS: EclPanel TWC Firmware 2.9 Release

Firmware 2.9 release for PROLIGHTS’ EclPanel TWC, an LED soft light, includes XY coordinates control in DMX and standalone modes, editable cinema-effects, and improved PWM frequency up to 36 KHz. CCT has been expanded to range from 2,200K to 15,000K in the new Film mode. This new mode includes predefined settings for best results on-camera, and a Dimmer Off feature with snap or fade out options. High-Resolution mode at low dimmer value, and a new dimming curve offers a 16-bit dimming experience while using an 8-bit dimmer.

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