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New Products to Consider: January 2022

Michael S. Eddy • January 2022New Products • January 5, 2022


Beckhoff: EL7062 Dual-Channel EtherCAT Terminal

The EL7062 dual-channel EtherCAT Terminal enables the direct connection of two stepper motors in the medium power range of up to 3A and for a voltage range of 8—48V. The compact 24-mm-wide EL7062 contains two stepper motor output stages, two digital inputs for limit switches, and one encoder interface per channel for a wide range of 5V encoders. Regarding the input encoder signal, the module supports the entire spectrum of TTL encoders (5V differential, single-ended/open collector). Very high-resolution microstepping ensures extremely smooth and precise motor operation.


Elation: LightJockey Retires

After two decades, LightJockey, one of the longest available lighting control software solutions, is being gracefully retired. With security changes to Windows OS preventing LightJockey from functioning reliably, the decision was made to phase out the lighting control software with the release of Windows 11. To ease the transition, LightJockey USB DMX hardware is recognized by ONYX, the lighting control platform from Obsidian Control Systems. Plug-and-play drivers unlock any of the devices to the ONYX NOVA license, which offers four universes of DMX, Art-Net, or sACN support. Simply download ONYX, connect the LightJockey DMX adapter.

elektraLite: Stingray Mini LED Ellipsoidal

Using a newly designed 20W COB LED light engine, the Stingray Mini offers a choice of Warm White, Cool White, and Variable White. Its built-in accessory clip holds diffusion and color media. The unit’s proprietary diffraction lensing system works with four easily-cleaned independent shutter blades, and interchangeable lens tubes—19°, 26°, 36°, or 50° beam spreads. The compact luminaire features a rugged all-metal design and can be controlled via DMX or manually. The DMX module is mounted to the yoke, but the fixture comes with an extension cable to remotely locate the module.

L8: Support for grandMA3 Viz-Key

The L8 visualizing system now supports the MA Lighting grandMA3 viz-key, the solution for transferring DMX parameters to the L8 visualizer. It is possible now to connect any grandMA3 or MA onPC software to L8 with the maximum number of parameters. All current 255 universes from L8 can be used. L8 supports grandMA3 viz-key for its Media, Trace, Unlimited dongles with FP21 update package, which is already included in all licenses sold in 2021 and can also be purchased separately.


Lectrosonics: Wireless Designer Software Now Compatible with the DCR822

Wireless Designer frequency coordination and RF system management software for Mac or PC is now updated for use with the DCR822 dual-channel portable digital receiver. This will allow DCR822 users to monitor all channels in operation, change settings, initiate infrared data transfers, manage frequency groups, scan the local RF spectrum, and calculate system operating frequencies using the Frequency Coordination Engine. Wireless Designer Versions 2.0.30 for macOS and 2.0.34 for Windows are now available with these features for the 822. Wireless Designer is available for download at no charge.

Obsidian Netron EN4

Obsidian Control Systems: Netron EN4 Ethernet to DMX Gateway

The Netron EN4™ has four RDM-compatible ports in a rugged housing. Line voltage or POE powered, it includes 99 internal cues with fade and delay time. Its half-rack size has multiple mounting positions and can easily fit on any countertop. It can easily be truss mounted using any style clamp. Its unique size corresponds perfectly with the Netron NET Shelf to rack mount one or two EN4 units. The EN4 includes an OLED display with rotary knob for easy configuration and supports Art-Net, SACn, DMX-512a, and RDM protocols.

Pathway Connectivity: Pathscape v.4.3

Pathscape™ configuration software—v.4.3, along with a firmware update—v.6.2 is now available. Pathway has made sure that with the v.4.3 release, users have all the tools needed to access the advanced features of RDM protocol. Included is improved ability to discover and access reliable information from all devices on a network. Manage RDM devices across multiple DMX ports simultaneously within the same user interface. With background discovery enabled, Pathscape will warn you when devices go offline; all RDM properties can be saved and restored from disk; and Pathscape will also restore RDM properties to the whole rig from a show file.

Pro Tapes: Pro Gaff Flyhouse Rigging Labels

Pro Gaff® Flyhouse Rigging Labels is matte cloth tape with a rubber-based adhesive featuring a liner and industry specific text. These labels are used to keep your loading / operating rail neat, organized, and easily updated. Each roll has 320 pre-cut 2”x2.5” labels on a liner for easy application and is made from Pro Tapes’ 2” Pro Gaff tape with a pre-printed area for the name of the show, pipe weight, how many bricks of weight, and trim height. Features include writeable with pens and markers; easy to peel and apply, highly conformable to uneven surfaces; removes cleanly from most surfaces; and good abrasion resistance.

Whirlwind PowerLink PLR Distro with 8ch PLMC Motor Controller


Whirlwind: Custom Power Link PLR Distro with PLMC Motor Control

If you have a custom configuration need, find out about custom configured power distribution racks or motor controllers. With Whirlwind’s DesignPRO 2.0 Software you can lay it out yourself from their racks and components, then they provide a quote. A custom Power Link PLR power distro can have an integrated PLMC eight-channel motor controller. The PLMC D-Series controllers can be incorporated into any distro design and include integrated remote/jumper storage. Remote control is via XLR5 DMX cable and up to four 8-channel controllers can be linked—creating a 32-channel system.

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