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LD Nico Riot with Marilyn Manson

Debi Moen • April 2020On the Road • April 8, 2020

Nico Riot

THE DESIGN: “Manson must be the center of attention. He is the only one lit; his band stays dark. Manson wants aggressive strobing, with no unnecessary flashing and effects like chasers or gobos. I keep everything simple with lot of beams for movement throughout this chaos of strobes and smoke. It’s all theatrics, with backdrops, props and costume changes.”

Marilyn Manson photo courtesy Nico Riot


HOME BASE: “I recently moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and built a new design studio there. But my company remains Los Angeles-based.”


CAREER SPARK: “I was playing in a metal band, producing my own songs, so music was a big part of my life. Through skateboarding, I became friends with an LD in my small French hometown. His life looked fascinating, playing with bands, having fun doing lights in a venue or on tour. That led me to think of a possibility of making a living outside of factories or cubicle jobs.”

FIRST INDUSTRY GIG: “I started in catering! I tried to enter a lighting school in France but was told I needed field experience first. I tried to volunteer in my hometown music venue, but they didn’t accept tech volunteers, so they said I could help with catering. I was always asking the lighting crew questions, looking over their shoulders, and reading about lighting. They finally took me under their wings.

MOST MEMORABLE CONCERT: “When I was 11, my parents took me to Pink Floyd in Bordeaux, France. I was blown away by the lighting and giant flying inflatable pigs shooting lasers from their eyes.”

HEROES/MENTORS: “All the LD’s working at this venue where I learned (Le VIP in Saint Nazaire, France ) were my mentors without knowing it: Hikit, Fabrice, Topette, Mike, Caro. The first Gojira LD (Stephane Chateuneuf) was a huge inspiration, too. Three years ago, out with heavy metal band Gojira, I learned a lot when they opened for Metallica. Seeing how LD Rob Koenig approached massive stadiums was awesome.”

OTHER ARTISTS YOU’VE LIT? “Many French artists, including Gojira for seven years. Most recently an American band, The Strokes.”

DESIGNERS WHO CATCH YOUR EYE: “I have talented friends: Gigi Pedron, Celine Royer and Pierre Claude are always coming up with sick designs! I’m also amazed by Ed Warren’s work.”

FANTASY CONCERT TO LIGHT: “Nothing But Thieves or Run the Jewels could be fun. Back in time: Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and Infinite Sadness tour.”

Marilyn Manson photo courtesy Nico Riot






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