LD Peter L. Spadaro III and Citizen Cope

Debi Moen • On the RoadSeptember 2019 • September 10, 2019

Peter L. Spadaro III

THE DESIGN: “Simplicity. I take the ‘less is more’ approach when designing and lighting Citizen Cope, to enhance the story of what Clarence (Cope) is telling on stage. Even though my show is one giant punt page, I like to keep everything consistent from show to show.”




CAREER SPARK: “I kind of fell into it. I was an executive chef for a food service company, which I was extremely unhappy with. I was helping my friend’s bands by tour managing them on the side. I started slow, pushing buttons on small 12-24 channel lighting boards and asking questions of the other LDs when we were opening for bigger acts. As I learned more, I was approached by Adrian Tromantano of Kung Fu, who needed an LD. I had just left my last chef job, so I took a chance and went out on the road and never turned back.”

FIRST INDUSTRY GIG: “As tour manager for my friend’s bands, FiKus and Shwizz.”

OTHER ARTISTS: “Matisyahu, Twiddle, Kung Fu.”

INDUSTRY INFLUENCERS: “Lighting-wise, I’d have to say Brett Lohr from the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. He taught me the fundamentals of lighting. Victor Cornette from Brooklyn Bowl, for getting me one of my first lighting gigs. And Sean Quackenbush is usually my go-to for any music industry questions or advice that I need.”

WHOSE SHOW DESIGNS DO YOU PAY ATTENTION TO? “Manny Newman, Danny Grabus, Ian Thompson, Andrew Cass, Alex ‘Herm’ Schneider, Luke Stratton, Sandy Paul, Max Blackman, Matthew Calabrese, Ben Factor, Ryan Bress, Cameron Grogan, Dave Quinn, Zach Zaba, Kenny Gribbon, Josh Rowe, Justin Casey and Vin Pugliese. They all do fantastic work.”

WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? “The freedom. With every artist, I have the luxury to have full creative control of the show. I like having a different office every day. And of course being paid to travel and see the world doesn’t suck.”

YOUR DREAM CONCERT TO LIGHT: “Led Zeppelin’s 1973 Madison Square Garden run from the film The Song Remains the Same, which is what made me a live music lover. I remember watching this every day with my high school friends.”

Citizen Cope performs

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