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20 Years of PLSN: A Look Back with Some Friends

PLSN Staff • April 2020Online Exclusive • April 8, 2020

The Feb. 2020 issue marked the magazine’s 20th year in print.

Yes, we made it to our 20th year — and it’s all because of the friends who partnered with us along away. You hear often about how this industry is really about “relationships,” and we can confirm that ourselves. Here are just a few …

Fred Mikeska

Fred Mikeska

A.C. Lighting

Fred is a long-time industry leader having been national sales manager for Creative Stage Lighting before joining A.C. Lighting as VP of Sales in 2005.

I remember the very first call that I received from Greg Gallardo 20 years ago. I was driving from Michigan through Canada, on my way to New York. In his kind, confident and reassuring way, Greg shared with me PLSN’s vision and persuaded me to give him a chance and let him deliver. And deliver he did, with honesty, integrity and value. A.C. Lighting is thrilled to have Terry, Greg and the team at Timeless communications as a media partner. In a world where magazines are trimming, thinning and disappearing, PLSN is flowering, proving that if you start with a clear vision and hold true to your mission, you can build a business that is future-proof and timeless. Happy 20th Anniversary!

Koy Neminathan and Steve Warren


Koy Neminathan has been with Avolites for 20 years, and today is sales director. He’s also a PLASA manufacturer’s representative.

PLSN has always been a magazine that was not only read by the owners of companies but by the lighting operators, video techs and the crew on productions. We figured that out as we asked hundreds of clients and friends every time we spoke to them at tradeshows and open days.

What I loved about PLSN was that it was not only the technical write up about the show or product that was good, but the great pictures showed off the technical results on the video and lighting front. Having characters like Terry and Greg always made dealing with PLSN an enjoyable one. They always have time to come by our exhibition booths, whether it be LDI or Prolight + Sound in Germany, to catch up with us and that’s what is important. Here’s to an even brighter future, and congratulations on the 20 years!

Steve Warren has been with Avolites since The Jackson’s 1984 Victory tour. He started as a production wireman and today is its founder director.

We have valued our close relationship with PLSN and tip our hats to the way that Nook takes the time to get up close and personal with all of the fast-moving technical developments in our visual industry! The format of the magazine allows for great, high quality pictures of the productions that we love and want to know more about. And when you work with Terry, Greg and Nook you feel like part of the PLSN family.

Albert and Bérénice Chauvet

Albert and Bérénice Chauvet

Chauvet Lighting

The Chauvets began advertising in PLSN in the early days of Chauvet Professional, when the company was introducing some of the first LED fixtures at the time.

PLSN was critical in helping us get our message out. They keep up with our industry’s ever-expanding technologies and applications, which makes them a top resource for all entertainment lighting stakeholders, including manufacturers like us. Terry, Greg and Nook are not only outstanding professionals, but also friends of our entertainment lighting community.

Eric Loader

Elation Professional

Eric was there for PLSN first’s issue when he was with Martin Lighting. He joined the Elation team as Director of Sales and Marketing in 2006.

There was definitely a need in the industry for a trade magazine dedicated to the people and technology supporting concert touring and event production. Kudos to Terry for filling that niche. It’s always been the go-to magazine for those in the trenches and I think that’s been its appeal over the years. I’ve been a supporter from day one, and Greg always works hard to get our message out to the market along with Nook and all the PLSN Team. Congrats on 20 years, guys, and looking forward to the next 20 with you!

Joe Fucini

Joe Fucini

Fucini Productions

Joe is a longtime industry marketing and public relations specialist. When PLSN started he was working with American DJ/Elation; today he works with Chauvet.

Back in 2000, some people thought we were crazy signing a multi-year contract for the back cover of a magazine that didn’t yet exist. Honestly, though, we never doubted that PLSN and Terry Lowe would go on to have a big impact on this industry.

There was a glaring void in the publishing industry 20 years ago: nobody was putting out a magazine focused on concert lighting. This, at a time, when touring had already grown to occupy such an important place in the entertainment lighting industry and new technologies that were just beginning to emerge suggested it would expand even further.

More important than the idea, though, was the person behind it. There are a lot of people with good ideas who never make it happen, because they just don’t know how to execute, or they don’t have the grit and determination to stick it out when things get tough. This has been Terry’s vision. From day one, it was apparent to us that he had his eyes set firmly on the future. A lot has changed in this industry over the past 20 years, not just in terms of technology, but also the dynamics shaping the nature of the market. PLSN has consistently managed to be a step ahead of those changes, so it’s as relevant today as it was when we made that first deal.

Jack Kelly

Group One

Jack has been a part of the business since he established a U.S. office for Klark-Teknik Electronics in 1980. Today he heads Group One, which includes DiGiCo and Avolites, among other brands.

PLSN has been part of the marketing plans for the various brands Group One has represented since the beginning. I had known Terry from a prior magazine and his level of customer service gave me confidence that this was going to be a success. Terry’s interest in our business and how his magazines could help us achieve our goals, has worked for us without fail. On a day-to-day basis, Greg reinforces that commitment to customer service. Happy 20th folks!

Bruce Jordahl

High End Systems

Bruce was the first editor of PLSN, so look for his comments on page ??, with perspectives from the magazine’s former editors. Today he handles marketing at High End Systems.

High End Systems wishes PLSN the best on this milestone anniversary. Twenty years down the road, we still rely on this publication to get our advertising and editorial messaging to the lighting masses. The product reviews are also integral to showing our latest innovations to the professional market. There is a true art in being a professional publication, but not taking yourselves too seriously. Congratulations PLSN!

Josef Valchar

Josef Valchar


Czech-based Robe has roots going back to 1990 when Ladislav Petrek started importing lighting gear after the “Velvet Revolution” of 1989. Josef joined as sales manager, and today they both share CEO titles.

PLSN has become respected as an authoritative and informative production industry portal encouraging lively and intelligent discussion on a range of relevant industry topics, both technically savvy and open to ideas and expression. We have embraced it since the early years and seen it grow and flourish as an influential source at the cutting edge of a fast-moving world defined by creativity and ambition. We very much value being part of that journey.

Working with Terry, Greg and Nook has been energizing and fun and has provided a valuable platform to assist in our brand development and messaging to key markets across the Americas.

Frank Montero

ROE Visual

ROE Visual, founded in 2006, hired Frank in 2015 as managing director. In between he consulted with various other companies.

I was working for Martin at the time of PLSN’s beginnings, back when Terry Lowe had that little office in Tarzana [California]. From the moment I walked in, I was among friends. After meeting Terry and Greg Gallardo, we immediately established not only a friendship but a partnership. From the beginning it’s really been so much more than a business relationship as I’ve been very comfortable working with them no matter where I am, and they’ve been helpful with all the companies I worked with.

As soon as I knew I was going to work for ROE, I called Greg. ROE was new to the U.S., and we needed help and support in developing the market for the video products. Every time I got some ideas about ads or any crazy idea, he’s always listened and been very open. Any time we have a special event, or an open house, or anything at LDI, he and the others there have always been there to support us.

Once, I casually told Greg one of my kids was collecting Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Three days later, a whole box of them showed up at house! It was a personal touch and very important to me.

And I have to say the company has a whole has done a wonderful job with the Parnelli Awards. It has become the most prestigious award ceremony of the industry and that you recognize not only the products but the people behind the scenes means everything. The Lifetime Achievement awards are especially wonderful as they recognize so many people who really started our industry. I look forward to seeing all of you at PLSN at the next trade show, where we’ll have a glass of wine and celebrate your 20 years!


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